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Высокая якасць OEM Stable Base Fashion Sports 360 Turn Around кампутарнае гульнявое крэсла

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Высокая якасць OEM Stable Base Fashion Sports 360 Turn Around кампутарнае гульнявое крэсла

HF-YXY-HS-30 (17)

Sufficient lumbar support

A better lumbar support is the key to keep you away from backache, we put soft and sufficient stuffing in the lumbar support, it provide you a powerful support when you are fighting in your field, streaming for your audience, or working on your desk.


Рэгуляваны падлакотнік

Of course the armrest should be adjustable to fit individuals, to perform better in different situations. Armrest is very flexible and could be adjusted in a proper height interval smoothly.

HF-YXY-HS-30 (9)

The gaming chair owns large size as well as widen thicken seat and back . The computer gaming chair with footrest and massage is comfortable for rest, suitable for women and man, slim and fat. It is an ideal seat of choice for working, studying and gaming.

HF-YXY-HS-30 (10)

ADVANCED MATERIALS AND MASSAGE CUSHIONS-Removable headrests and massage lumbar cushions features USB ports that upgrade functionality, ease your back pain from sedentary sitting; The reinforced metal frame provides a stable and strong structure; Thick backrests and deep bucket seats ensure extra comfort; Made from waterproof and easy-to-clean premium leather; All materials are non-allergenic

HF-YXY-HS-30 (12)

ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Soft and cushy texture allows for waist, head, and hips to fit snugly into the chair; The product soothes your cervical and thoracic spine to rejuvenate you after long work hours or intense competitions

HF-YXY-HS-30 (16)

VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY -  gaming chair offers a tailor-made relaxation experience; The adjustable backrest reclines up to 155°and can swing by 30°; 5 smooth-rolling durable rubber casters allow for silent, multi-directional mobility

HF-YXY-HS-30 (14)

EXQUISITE ACCESSORIES- Premium accessories provide better consistency, stability and safety; Armrest height can also be adjusted; Retractable footrest keeps your legs elevated to improve posture and circulation.


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